Credit Repair Service Levels

We offer a variety of service levels to support every budget and need. Our credit repair services levels range from $580 to $800. Each option offers you a unique coverage to fix errors on your credit report.

NO setup fee's or hidden fee's!

Providing bureau challenges, creditor interventions, inquiry-assist, membership account control, with mailing service included, and much more.

One Time Repair $80 Contact Us Premier Now-30% OFF

Payment Completed?

Once service package payment is completed login to the dashboard and submits a ticket providing your payment ID or legal name to activate your credit repair service.

Plus Repair

Challange up-to four inaccurate accounts each month, negative items with two credit bureaus, and one (FREE) tradeline of $500.

$ 580 6 months of service
Plus Plan

Premier Repair

Challange up-to six inaccurate accounts each month, negative items with three credit bureaus, Includes business credit growth, and one (FREE) tradeline of $500.

$ 780 12 months of service
Premier Plan